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2021 NACCAS Annual Report & Success Rates

Completion Rate


Licensure Rate


Placement Rate


The above findings are based on the 2021 NACCAS Annual Report for Hair Academy School of Barbering & Beauty.

Hair Academy’s completion rate is determined by those students who were scheduled to graduate within the year 2021, and did so prior to the annual report reporting date of November 30th, 2021.  Exclusions from this calculation include those who graduated after the reporting date.

Hair Academy’s placement rate is calculated based on the students calculated in the completion rate who obtained employment in a field directly related to their program of study. Exclusions from this calculation include students for whom proper documentation to verify employment is obtained, students who are not directly employed in their field of training, and students who were unable to obtain or verify employment prior to the reporting date.

Hair Academy’s licensure rate is calculated based on the students within the completion rate who sat for, and passed, both portions of the state licensure exam. Exclusions include students who only sat for one or neither of the licensure examinations.

Annual Report & Success Rates by Program:

Master Barbering:

Completion Rate- 71.42%            Placement Rate- 80%       Licensure Rate- 100%


Completion Rate- 50%.                Placement Rate- 0%          Licensure Rate- 0%

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